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  1. 2012.07.20 알파메일이 되는 방법 13가지 (How to Become an Alpha Male)

알파메일이 되는 방법 (How to Become an Alpha Male)

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구글에서 검색해보니 wikiHow 라는 곳에서 알파메일(alpha male)에 대한 정보를 담고 있어서 관련 내용을 가져와 봤습니다

1. 자신감을 가져라

 This cannot be overstated. If you think highly of yourself and believe unquestionably in your own capabilities, men and women alike will respond to you. Do not confuse confidence with arrogance. Confidence demonstrates quiet inner strength, surety, and reliability. Arrogance is just low self-esteem turned outwards, and perception people will have see is that of a hollow, insecure man, the very antithesis of the alpha male.

2. 네 위치를 정해라

 When you walk into a room as an alpha male, you simply know other people will listen to and respect what you have to say. If you doubt it, so will every other person in the room.

3. 유머를 이용해서 이점을 얻어라

  That does not be the clown of the room, but that you should be able to smile with genuine pleasure, to laugh at yourself, even to playfully laugh at others without seeming sarcastic or spiteful. Think of that commercial for after-shave lotion, where the actor playing an exaggerated alpha male says, “Look at your man—now look at me. Sadly, he’s not me, but he can smell like he’s me!”

4. 바디 랭귀지를 이용해라

 The way you carry yourself speaks volumes to those around you, without you even making a sound. Your posture, your hand gestures, your stance—all of it sends signals to those around you about your place in the world. You want those signals to be strong and confident, not protective and small.

5. 너의 존재로 방을 채우는것을 두려워하지 말아라

  Stand with strong posture, use expansive gestures, and look relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings. See How to Look Approachable for more tips on looking totally at ease in any situation.

6. 경청해라

 The alpha male, the true leader, spends more time listening than speaking. Listen actively and attentively, and people will respond. The more you listen without judgement, the more people will open up to you, and may even tell you things they never tell anybody. This is because they trust you innately—a key trait of the alpha male.

7. 다른사람을 주시해라

 One key way to learn how to be an alpha male is to emulate other alpha males.

8. 헬스를 해라

 Staying in shape will not make you an alpha male—that must come from the inside—but it will help with your health and well-being. It also sends another signal: the man who takes good care of himself can take care of others, too.

9. 솔직해라

 Some feel that alpha males will lie and cheat to get what they want, but this only applies to men who are anything but alpha males. If you find you must trick someone into thinking you’re worth their time and energy, it’s actually evidence that you aren’t. Make sure you earn everything you get by adopting a policy of radical honesty. Be exactly who you are at all times; everyone else can take you or leave you.

10. 옷을 잘 입어라

 Try to look better than the guys around you so that you stand out. For example, wear patterns, collared shirts, nice pants, and possibly a tie. Don’t wear shirts that advertise a brand name or your favorite band; you want to advertise yourself. ReadHow to Dress Well As a Guy for more suggestions.

11. 유혹하는 방법을 알아라

  Knowing how to forge a romantic connection is essential to being seen as an alpha male. Being confident, accomplished, and attractive doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got what it takes to interact with a potential mate.

12. 새로운 능력을 키워라

 By learning new skills and developing new abilities, you keep your mind and body sharp and in shape. It helps you develop a well-rounded skill set that will make you the go-to guy when people have questions. Become a man not just of style, but of substance by studying things that interest you, and becoming conversant and practiced in each idiom. Learn how to boxbuild a shedwalk on your handsdo a roundhouse kick,survive in the woods, or win a street fight. Develop your mind by learning about architecture, art, and music.

13. 리더가 되어라

 This means not only taking charge of a situation, but doing it well. Start in your immediate surroundings by being a leader in the workplacehelping your team perform, or even asserting yourself as your dog’s pack leader. Practice being the kind of leader that people will want to follow—and not just the first one who volunteered for the job.

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